On horseback in Lotru’s Mountains

Pripor 4-5 h

Our favourite mountain above the treeline – more than 1000-metre-high, it is easy to be reached even for novice riders or climbers. The place offers the most impressive sight : the Făgăraş Mountains (the main ridge), the Cozia Massif, the Loviştea Land and Naratu Mountain which belong to thevParâng group.This walk or ride is a wonderful experience whatever the weather – misty or sunny.

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Odăile by The Lake and Chilie 3-4 hours

Old huts spread here and there in the clearings, each of them a special place with its histoy and people.We can ride in trot or gallop on the forest path of Călineşti Valley.

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The Odăi of Radea and Richiti 5-6 hours

Odai..You can find some of these Odăi hidden in the bushes, broken up, forgotten by the people, by time. Different stories, different perspectives beyond the Căpățâna Mountains, Buila and Lotru Mountains.
It is a strenuous route for both the rider and the horse.

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Proieni pasture – Aninoasa 5-6 hours

It is a long route of continuous riding. As far as the eye can reach, there’s nothing but forest. We reach Paltineiul Proienilor where we find some decayed, putrified beams of the former sheephold. In the summer, neither rider nor horse can be seen as they disappear in the ferns. Instead, the Lotru Valley, Buila, Căpățâna Mountain appear in unforgettable splendour.

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Sulița Hill – Glod – Aninoasa 5-6h

We climb Sulița Valley, reach Glod and Sulița Peak. The Olt Canyon shows itself up to beyond Călimănești with Cozia on the left and Naratu Mountain on the right. We then return to Călimănești Valley passing by the Odaia – sheephold on the hill.


Odăi by the Lake – the peaks Pripor, Ragla – Izvorul Frumos (The beautiful source) 1 day

A summer day’s route along three mountains. We leave with the sun ahead and return with it behind us, we cros woodland, alpine
landscape and reach Odăi – our Odăi – exhausted and happy.

Muntele Danu

The Acme’s Valley -Paltineiul Călineştiului – the peak Măgura 1 day

Difficult, especially when going downhills(not on horseback). Instead, we have plenty of time – The Olt Valley, Loviştea Land, the mountains beyond Lotru Valley, Căpățâna Mountains are a feast for the eyes. It’s worth every step.


Cozia 2-3 days

We start in the Lotru Mountains and trot across half of Loviştea passing through Perişani. The first day’s destination is Surdoiu where we’ll stay overnight. The next day, we mount the horses and start on the forest path which leads to Samniceanu Mountain where we will sleep at the sheephold Mocirle. What follows could be called “the shoemakers’ ordeal” – it is a 3 to 4- hour-descent from 1200m to the river Olt the holsters in our hands.

The difficulty of this route being given, we only plan it with ‘Odăi professionals’.









The Academy

Finally, the place wehre everything starts. It is the clearing next to our Odaia where you start learning how to handle climbing aids, holsters, how to ride off, to mount a horse and descend from a horse’s back.

All the routes are circular. Nothing is glued, everything can be modified according to the participants’ abilities.
Being fit can be useful sometimes