Our horses


Leader without dispute. 

He is the unchallenged leader of our small stud. Boss of multinational - nobody and nothing stands in his way -, his ears up,  swelling his rocker mane and stamping his leg, he is begging for a piece of sugar or bread. He is our speed maniac, fond of obstacle jumping of any kind. Murgu likes girls, is never moody but if you take a closer look, you'll know it : he only has eyes for his mistress, Alexandra.


Sasha is the absolute mother. She only brings forth mares who in their turn also give birth to only mares. Vizir was a surprize, even for her. She loves her riders the way she loves her foals. Docile and well-behaved she often benefits when not being stimulated as she is a rather lazy, cozy creature. Always walking behind Murgu, she pays very much attention at not unbalancing her riders.


 Our pampered one.

He is playing the boss, which is silently accepted by his elder brother Murgu - a gentleman agreement.

Endowed with a poet's character, he is fond of admiring a flower for half an hour ignoring his rider's begging : 'Walk, Fulger.'
Being well-built, two riders can sit on his back if the guide, for whatever reason, has to walk.


The newcomer in our stud(Actually, not. This spring  will mark two years since our friendship starts ). Vigorous, he likes being at a gallop. Beautiful, well-tempered and gentle, he prefers apples as having grown up at a sheephold without sugar cubelets.


One of Sasha's foals. She is a small reddish one, beautiful and vivacious. An alpha female, she would like to be the leader but due to the competition within the stud, this is rather impossible.
Dochia is the only horse from whose back there has never ever fallen anyone. She loves children and is crazy about being in the


Her real name is - for obvious reasons - Pasqualina. Grey - just like her father Murgu, she is very submissive, likes learning and easily responds to commands. We hope that she'll become a wonderful leisure horse.


Called and The Unicorn - the white foal that meanwhile has developed into a marelet. We are sparing her a bit as she is still learning. That's why she is the guide's horse. Very vivacious, she only obeys a good rider.


Also called Salamior - she has almost become one if Rareş hadn't redeemed her for one leu and....lots of working days.

As she resembles Breazu very much, we assume that she is his daughter. Anyway, she will stay with us and after some months,
you will for sure meet her with a saddle on her back !


He is an adult horse we bought from gypsies. Black and beautiful. Bobi is an expert in human nature - sad enough as he suffered a lot because of them. A very strong and good horse, Bobi needs and looks for getting affection.

We know all of our horses inside out : six of them were born in our yard. We bought Breazu and Bobi two years ago in spring and summer. Sasha, our special case, was three years old when we bought her. Like in the poet's saying, 'she was 'starving, ill and at death's door'.

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