The team


She is our guide full of responsibility and great personality who knows all the hollows by heart and....if se does not, Murgu ( see horses !) will always help out of it. He knows them better anyway.
Măriuca always returns with her complete group, she won't ever lose a human or animal being. In contrast, maybe some reins, a climbing aid, her gloves, her mobile phone might disappear by incomprehensible magic. She is the born teacher, master in the history and geography of the places. It's worth listening to her, she always finds an answer and is always right !


The girls' mother, well-balanced, cerebral, far-seeing. She takes care of everybody, even though she likes complaining about it.
If you need a good word, just join her, she'll support and comfort you wholeheartedly.


A very friendly, sociable lover of horses and special places, Rareş has become part of the family. Although he's left-handed, he's extremely skilled .


Amazon, rider full of talent and ambition. She pamper herself doing demonstrations with horses, which she dominates in a big style, which is somehow surprising considering her 49 kilos, wet riding boots included. She is as full of spirit as Măriuca, her elder sister. They are kind of the human and female variant of Murgu and Fulger.


Gigi's 'pal' through thick and thin, the girls' father. He is the perfect all-rounder when it comes to cutting lumber, repairing sadlles or finding the horses grazing on some far away heavenly pastures or when it comes to telling stories, poems or jokes. He is good at rocking the place ensuring a great atmosphere sometimes - not rarely - involving an 'Irod' or two ( look it up !) as he has got an expert knowledge in Romanian folklore - gold medal for curses!