The Hut – At thousands of stars

La mii de stele

The Hut or the large Odaia is the place where we tried to preserve as much as possible the traditional technique and materials, i.e. the old wood, the dry stone, the shingle and the walls which are plastered with clay. And then…we had to be creative and make use of modern technology.
Our guests will sleep on bunks with mattresses – there are seven of them – next to each other. The bunks are all upstairs. The space downstairs has to be free as it is dedicated to eating meals all together at the large table next to the windows.

Here, in the ‘dining-room’, there are also two extendable couches, the storage chest – made by gypsy woodworkers – for the riding equipment and somewhat in the middle there is the oven.


Mii de stele

The roof and the beams are isolated – the wool of about two hundred sheep ! -, a solar panel guarantees light and the life of our guests’ gadgets.

Mii de stele

We nevertheless have to say that we have profited from the sketches of some architects directly from Paris…though such drawings are – for the Romanian peasant craftsman – something like the quotations from the Bible : they have to be interpreted.


“The shower with wild strawberries” – a special order -, rather something for voyeurs,  offers a unique experience especially at night when the sky is studded with stars. The ‘toilets’ are located, according to the Romanian style, at the back of the yard.